Victoria Heath

Victoria Heath is an English Literature and Creative Writing finalist at the University of Warwick. After two years at Warwick, Victoria embarked on a study year abroad at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario, Canada, where her love of travelling grew exponentially. She’s now back in the UK for her final year of university, where she hopes to use her travel experiences to inspire her latest literary work. Victoria loves to write narrative memoirs and short stories, and just completed the first draft of her novel, but also has a penchant for all things journalism.  She is the published author of two books, and her work features in publications including Geographical, Tour De Moon and I Am BeYoutiful, as well as her blog, The Essentialist.

Orca/killer whale jumped out of the depths of the sea and slides on the surface of the water in a spray close-up

Orca attacking adult whale shark to eat its liver

ByVictoria HeathAug 3, 2023
In first known footage of its kind, orca attacks whale shark to eat its liver off Baja California coast in Mexico - but why?
the deepest breath title netflix

‘The Deepest Breath’ freediving documentary on Netflix now

ByVictoria HeathJul 28, 2023
The tragic consequences of freediving to world-record depths are explored in 'The Deepest Breath' documentary released on Netflix this week
oceanic whitetip shark in the caribbean

Freediver bitten by oceanic whitetip shark

ByVictoria HeathJul 27, 2023
Colombian freediver is bitten on the leg by an oceanic white tip shark during training session for the AIDA freediving competition
Wild bottlenose dolphin

Four injured after dolphin attacks at Japan beach

ByVictoria HeathJul 20, 2023
Dolphin attacks leave four swimmers injured, with one man suffering broken ribs and bitten hands at beach in Japan's Fukui prefecture
A killer orca whale show in the largest zoo in the Canary Islands, Loro Park.

How orcas and other cetaceans are being exploited for profit and war

ByVictoria HeathJul 16, 2023
From military-trained dolphins to SeaWorld’s first no orca whale marine park still housing hundreds of cetaceans, exploitation continues
A male hawksbill turtle next to a diver in the Red Sea, Egypt.

Ten of the most critically endangered marine species

ByVictoria HeathJul 14, 2023
From the smallest population of cetaceans to a seastar plagued by disease, here's ten iconic marine species listed as critically endangered
Octopus nursery discovered in recent Costa Rica Octopus Odyssey Expedition

New deep-sea octopus nursery discovered in Costa Rica

ByVictoria HeathJul 7, 2023
A potentially new species of octopus has been found during a 19-day expedition that discovered the third known octopus nursery in world
mother and baby dolphin

Dolphins communicate using ‘baby talk’ to calves, research shows

ByVictoria HeathJun 30, 2023
Female bottlenose dolphins modify signature whistles to communicate with their calves, similar to humans using ‘baby talk’ with newborns
Underwater view of ocean with school of fish

Oxygen loss from seas may reverse in future, new study suggests

ByVictoria HeathJun 29, 2023
A Rutgers-led study brings hope to reverse oxygen loss in the Earth's seas due to climate change, spelling good news for planet's future
Members of J- and L-Pods from the Southern Resident Community of killer whales travel north through Haro Strait near the San Juan Islands with Vancouver Island, British Columbia in the background

New baby orca seen in Southern Resident Killer Whale population

ByVictoria HeathJun 29, 2023
Orca calf spotted near British Columbia in Southern Resident Killer Whales population - could be first calf in pod since 2021.
moskvarium moscow aquarium

Orca dies in Moscow aquarium, second orca fatality in six months

ByVictoria HeathJun 27, 2023
Nord orca, 16-year-old, dies only months after a 17-year-old orca perishes in the same controversial Russian aquarium
finding nemo clownfish

The real life marine creatures behind 2003 ‘Finding Nemo’ cast

ByVictoria HeathJun 27, 2023
In celebration of the 20th anniversary of Finding Nemo, here's the real-life creatures that inspired Pixar's animated blockbuster
Orca killer whale in sea at whale watching outside Skjervøy, Tromsø, Norway

Orca attacks yacht off Shetland

ByVictoria HeathJun 24, 2023
A highly unusual attack by an orca on a boat off Shetland draws comparisons with the three-year spate of attacks in the Strait of Gibraltar
View of OceanGate Titan Submersible underwater

Titanic submersible passengers perish after vessel implosion

ByVictoria HeathJun 23, 2023
Debris field found 1600ft from Titanic’s bow consistent with catastrophic implosion of OceanGate Titanic submersible, killing all passengers.
The orcas causing boat attacks in the Strait of Gibraltar

The orcas causing boat attacks in the Strait of Gibraltar

ByVictoria HeathJun 20, 2023
Discover the hunting tactics, migratory patterns and lives led by the endangered orcas attacking boats in the Strait of Gibraltar
Titan being launched from underwater platform

‘Banging’ sounds heard in search for missing Titanic sub

ByVictoria HeathJun 19, 2023
Mission to rescue the Titanic sub continues as 'banging' sounds heard, amid report of 2018 'scathing document' of missing sub's safety.
Study explains why Orcas are attacking boats in the Strait of Gibraltar

Study explains why Orcas are attacking boats in the Strait of Gibraltar

ByVictoria HeathJun 13, 2023
An orca named ‘White Gladis’ may have been traumatised by injury, triggering behaviour that other orcas imitate, attacking and damaging boats
Bahamas Lost Ships Project creates ‘master map’ of islands’ wrecks

Bahamas Lost Ships Project creates ‘master map’ of islands’ wrecks

ByVictoria HeathJun 6, 2023
The Bahamas Lost Ships Project digs into the historical records to explore the fates of the Bahamas countless shipwrecks
Lolita's tank looking dirty

57-year-old orca held captive in Florida aquarium to be released

ByVictoria HeathJun 2, 2023
An orca whale who has spent more than 50 years in a Florida aquarium will be released from captivity within the next two years